Events: Mexico's Independence Day

September 6th 2023 in Explore
Events: Mexico's Independence Day

Events: Mexico's Independence Day

Every year, on the night of September 15th, Mexico comes alive with vibrant colours, music, and joyous celebrations. This special day, known as Mexico's Independence Day, marks the country's freedom from Spanish rule. Beyond the parades and fireworks, there are countless exciting ways for children and youth to experience this unique holiday. Join us as we uncover the top 10 celebratory highlights of Mexico's Independence Day!

Highlights of Mexico Independence Day

1. El Grito de Dolores

The heart of Mexico's Independence Day celebrations begins with "El Grito de Dolores." On the night of September 15th, the President of Mexico stands on the balcony of the National Palace in Mexico City and shouts "Viva México!" The crowd responds with a resounding "Viva!" This tradition is both exciting and symbolic, and it's a must-see event for everyone, young and old.

2. Fireworks Spectacular

After "El Grito," the skies all across Mexico light up with magnificent fireworks displays. Fireworks are a favourite among children and youth, and watching the colourful explosions against the dark night sky is a breathtaking experience. Find a good vantage point and be prepared to be amazed!

3. Traditional Mexican Food

Mexico's Independence Day is not just about history; it's also about delicious food. Try traditional dishes like tamales, chiles en nogada, and pozole, which are made to celebrate this special occasion. You'll love the unique flavours and spices that make Mexican cuisine famous worldwide.

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4. Mariachi Bands

You can't experience Mexico without listening to Mariachi music! These lively bands with their guitars, trumpets, and violins play festive tunes that will have you dancing in no time. Keep an ear out for the catchy melodies of Mariachi songs during the celebrations.

5. Papel Picado

Papel Picado are colorful paper decorations that hang throughout the streets and plazas of Mexico during Independence Day. They add a festive touch to the atmosphere and are a sight to behold. Some people even make their own papel picado as a fun craft activity.

6. Traditional Dresses

Mexico is famous for its colourful and intricate traditional clothing. On Independence Day, many people wear these beautiful dresses and suits. It is a great opportunity to appreciate the country's rich cultural heritage. You can even dress up in traditional attire yourself!

7. Mexican Folklore Dancing

Children and youth can join in the fun by learning some traditional Mexican dances. Folklore dances like the Jarabe Tapatío (the Mexican Hat Dance) and the Danza de los Viejitos (Dance of the Old Men) are not only fun to watch but also to participate in.

8. Decorate with Mexican Flags

Decorate your home, school, or party venue with Mexican flags and banners. You can create your own decorations or buy pre-made ones. It's a fantastic way to show your patriotism and get into the festive spirit.

9. Pinatas

Pinatas are a hit with kids and youth at any Mexican celebration. Fill a colourful pinata with candies and goodies, and take turns trying to break it open blindfolded. It's a fun and exciting game that will keep everyone entertained.

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10. Cultural Exhibitions

Many cities and towns host cultural exhibitions during Independence Day celebrations. These exhibitions showcase Mexican history, art, and traditions. Take the opportunity to learn about Mexico's past and its rich cultural tapestry.

Mexico's Independence Day is a joyful and vibrant celebration that offers countless exciting experiences for children and youth. From the iconic "El Grito" to the spectacular fireworks, traditional food, and cultural activities, this holiday provides an immersive look into Mexico's rich heritage. So, grab your family and friends and immerse yourself in the colourful festivities of Mexico's Independence Day. Viva México!