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Welcome to the land of enchanting beaches, rich history, and vibrant culture - Mexico! Finalrentals can help you rent a car if you want to explore this amazing country. You can use the rental car companies in Mexico for a beach vacation, visiting historical sites, or exploring the city.

Planning your trip in advance? Book your rental car in Mexico online on our easy-to-use website. Your preferred vehicle will be ready for you when you arrive. It's a simple and convenient way to start your Mexican adventure.

Traveling in a foreign country can sometimes come with unexpected challenges. Finalrentals provides 24/7 customer support to assist you with any questions, concerns, or emergencies during your rental period. Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities.

Finalrentals has strategically located offices across Mexico, including major airports, city centers, and popular tourist destinations. We make it easy for you to pick up your rental car and start your adventure hassle-free. Book a Car Rental in Mexico Now!

By using Finalrentals MX, travelling to Mexico has never been easier.

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Mexico City
Playa Del Carmen

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Your Questions About Renting In Mexico, Our Easy Answers

What is the minimum age to rent a car in Mexico?


The minimum age to rent a car in Mexico is 18, however, those under 25 will receive an additional charge.

What is the best time to visit Mexico?


Mexico is a year-round destination. The dry season (November to April) is ideal for beach vacations and outdoor activities. The rainy season (May to October) is good great for the scenery and is a quieter time of year. Just be prepared for the rain!

What are the must-visit destinations in Mexico?


Mexico offers a wide range of attractions. You can find our recommended places above if you need some inspiration!

What currency does Mexico use?


The official currency in Mexico is the Mexican Peso (MXN). Urban areas and tourist destinations widely accept credit cards. It's advisable to carry cash, especially in smaller towns and local markets.

Do I need an international driving license for Mexico?


No, your national license is sufficient. However, an International Driving Permit is also accepted.

Do I need a visa to visit Mexico?


It depends on your origin. Many countries, including the United States and Canada, do not require a visa for tourist visits of up to 180 days. Travellers should check with the Mexican embassy or consulate in their country for specific visa requirements.

Is insurance required when renting a car in Mexico?


Yes, third-party liability insurance is mandatory in Mexico, and we include this in the rental price. It's a good idea to buy extra insurance for accidents and theft to reduce costs if something happens to your car.

Are there any restrictions on where I can take the rental car in Mexico?


We allow you to take your car across the border if you have pre-arranged with our team. Some cars have a mileage limit, restricting how far you can travel. If you are unsure of your limits, check your agreement or contact our team.

Can I return the rental car to a different location than where I picked it up?


Yes! We offer one-way rentals and are happy to accommodate any requests.

Do I need to purchase Mexican auto insurance at the border if driving from the United States?


Yes, we recommend purchasing Mexican auto insurance before crossing the border. American car insurance policies generally do not provide coverage for driving in Mexico. Therefore, it is crucial to obtain Mexican insurance to ensure legal and financial protection.

Are there gas stations readily available in Mexico?


Gas stations are abundant in Mexico, especially in urban areas and along major highways.

What are the road conditions like in Mexico?


Major highways in Mexico are generally in good condition, but road conditions may vary in rural or remote areas. Be cautious, especially during the rainy season, as heavy rains may affect the roads.

What should I do in case of an accident or breakdown while driving in Mexico?


In case of an accident or breakdown, contact our team immediately. Follow local procedures, document the incident, exchange information with other parties involved, and cooperate with local authorities.

How much does it cost to rent a car in Mexico?


On average, daily rental rates for a compact car range from $20 to USD 50, while larger vehicles like SUVs or vans may cost $50 to USD 100 per day. Additional fees, such as taxes, insurance, and optional extras like GPS navigation or car seats, can also impact the total cost. However, the cost of renting a car in Mexico can vary depending on several factors, including the rental company, vehicle type, rental duration, insurance coverage, and the time of year. It's advisable to compare rates from different rental companies, book in advance, and carefully review the terms and conditions to ensure a transparent and cost-effective rental experience.

Are there any hidden fees I should be aware of when renting a car in Mexico?


Yes, it's essential to be cautious of additional fees that may not be included in the advertised rental price. These fees can include charges for insurance, taxes, and services. For example, some rental companies may offer a low daily rate but then add on extra fees for mandatory insurance or airport pickup.

Where should I rent a car in Mexico?


Renting a car is most convenient in tourist areas like Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, and Cabo San Lucas. These locations typically have a wide selection of rental agencies, competitive prices, and convenient pick-up and drop-off locations.

How can I find car rentals near me in Mexico?


You can easily find car rentals near you in Mexico by using online rental platforms or apps. Simply enter your location and rental dates, and the platform will display a list of nearby car rental agencies along with their rates and availability.

What is the minimum age for renting a car in Mexico?


The minimum age for renting a car in Mexico is typically 25. However, some rental companies may allow individuals aged 21 to 24 to rent a car with an additional fee. For example, a rental company may charge an extra $10 per day for drivers aged 21 to 24.

Does my US car insurance cover me in Mexico?


Most US car insurance policies do not cover driving in Mexico. Therefore, it's suggested to purchase additional insurance coverage when renting a car in Mexico. This can usually be done through the rental company or by buying a temporary Mexican insurance policy.

Can I rent a car in Mexico with a US driver's license?


Yes, you can rent a car in Mexico with a valid US driver's license. However, it's always a good idea to check the specific requirements of the rental company you plan to use, as some may have additional documentation requirements or restrictions for international drivers.

Is it worthwhile to rent a car in Mexico?


Renting a car in Mexico can be a convenient and enjoyable way to explore the country's diverse landscapes, cultural attractions, and hidden gems. Having your own vehicle provides flexibility and freedom to travel at your own pace, discover off-the-beaten-path destinations, and access remote areas not easily reached by public transportation. However, driving in Mexico requires caution and awareness of local traffic laws, road conditions, and safety concerns.

Do I need an international driver's license to rent a car in Mexico?


In most cases, tourists renting a car in Mexico do not need an international driver's license (IDL). A valid driver's license from your home country is typically sufficient for renting and driving a car in Mexico. However, some rental companies may require an IDL as an additional form of identification or a language translation aid. It's advisable to check the specific requirements of your chosen rental company before traveling to Mexico.

Can I drive to Mexico with a rental car?


Yes, you can drive to Mexico with a rental car from the United States or Canada. Many major car rental companies allow their vehicles to be driven into Mexico, provided that you inform them in advance and obtain the necessary documentation and insurance coverage. It's essential to check with the rental company regarding their policies and restrictions for driving into Mexico and any additional fees or requirements. Additionally, ensure that you have proper documentation, such as a valid passport, driver's license, and vehicle registration, and comply with Mexican customs and immigration regulations when crossing the border.