Entertainment: Xcaret Park with Night Show

July 3rd 2023 in Entertainment
Entertainment:  Xcaret Park with Night Show

Xcaret Park with Night Show

Visit the Riviera Maya's number one destination, Xcaret Park, and learn about Mexican cultural practices. Explore underground rivers and visit the Manatee Lagoon, House of Whispers, and other attractions.

Discover Xcaret Park, a magnificent paradise with over 40 activities and attractions. During your stay, be a distinguished guest at an ancient Mayan ball game and participate in the Xcaret Mexico Espectacular festival.

Enjoy a memorable experience with free access to showers, dressing facilities, belongings bags, life jackets, and parking. Discover vibrant cultural performances, such as the weekly Xcaret Mexico Espectacular festival. Participate in aquatic activities such as underground rivers, the Ro del Paraso adventure, and time to relax on the beach, inlet, and natural pools.

Discover the Coral Reef Aquarium, the Marine Turtles Area, the Manatee Lagoon, the Bat Cave, the Butterfly Pavilion, the Deer Refuge, and Jaguar Island. Visit Spider Monkey Island to see howler monkeys and the Mushroom Farm learn about mushroom production. Visit the Living Museum of Orchids to see Mayan orchids in all their splendour.

Explore the Tropical Jungle Trail and the Regional Wildlife Breeding Farm. Enjoy the amazing views from the Rotating Scenic Tower. View archaeological sites and attend cultural performances. Pay a visit to a Mayan village.

Visit the St. Francis of Assisi Chapel for colonial history and the Hacienda Henequenera for folk art. At the Stained-Glass Plaza, you can watch the sky transform into a rainbow of colours and take nature and culture tours as part of your ticket.