What Can You Do in Cuernavaca and Near

October 26th 2023 in Explore
What Can You Do in Cuernavaca and Near

What Can You Do in Cuernavaca and Near

Cuernavaca, oh, what a charming city! It is the capital of Morelos State in Mexico and is pronounced as “Kwair-nah-vah-kah”. You’ll love it here because of its mild climate that lasts all year round, which is why it’s called “The City of Eternal Spring”.

One of the highlights of Cuernavaca is the Palacio de Cortes, the oldest preserved colonial-era civil structure in the continental Americas. Hernan Cortes built this palace, a unique example of colonial architecture. You’ll be amazed by its grandeur!

The haciendas and quintas in Cuernavaca are famous getaway spots for the Mexican elites who visit to enjoy the fresh mountain air and pleasant weather. And why not? It’s a perfect place to relax and recharge.

Cuernavaca is just 50 miles south of Mexico City, making it a popular destination for day trips from the capital. You can easily combine your trip to Cuernavaca with a visit to the silver mining town of Taxco on a group tour like this one. This way, you can experience the best of both places in one go. Trust us, you won’t regret it!

How To Arrive at Cuernavaca

If you’re planning on visiting Cuernavaca, you’re in luck! It’s easy to get there from Mexico City since it’s just 50 miles south. There are a few different ways to get there, so you can choose the one that suits you best:

- By Bus: You can hop from Mexico City to Cuernavaca with multiple bus companies, like Pullman de Morelos and Futura. The journey usually takes around 1.5 hours (depending on traffic), and buses depart from either Taxquena or the South Bus Terminal (Terminal Central de Autobuses del Sur). You can even book Futura bus tickets online on the Busbud website to make things easier!

- By Car: If you prefer driving, take the 95D highway that connects Mexico City and Cuernavaca. Depending on traffic, it’ll take around 1.5 hours. You can rent a car in Mexico City or check out directions on Google Maps.

- By Tour: If you’re not sure about exploring nearby Taxco or seeing other notable destinations, consider taking a guided tour. They take care of your logistics, so you can sit back and relax. Plus, you’ll get to see other cool places like the Silver Town of Taxco. It’s a win-win!

When Should You Visit?

Cuernavaca, also known as the "City of Eternal Spring," is a place you'll fall in love with! The weather is always pleasant, with temperatures averaging in the mid-seventies throughout most of the year. The only exceptions are April, May, and June, which can be hot. But don't worry, the best time to visit this lovely city is during the winter months, from November to February when the temperature is lower, and the days are dry, perfect for outdoor activities and sightseeing. If you're planning a trip in January, you're in for a treat! You can experience the Carnival Jiutepec, which is the largest celebration in the state of Morelos. The Carnival Jiutepec is a colourful and lively event filled with parades, traditional music, and dance performances. You'll have a fantastic time here, I promise!

Visit the Robert Brady Museum

If you're looking for a unique and exciting attraction in Cuernavaca, you should check out the Robert Brady Museum.

This museum is different from your typical one, as it is located in the former home of Robert Brady, an American artist and art collector. It is a beautiful testament to his love for art and eclectic taste.

Back in 1962, Brady bought a run-down monastery and, with a lot of hard work, transformed it into a lavish home. Later, it became a museum that houses an impressive collection of over 1,300 pieces of art worldwide. The colourful exterior of the building is as striking as the array of artwork housed within it.

The collection includes pieces from around the globe, ranging from pre-Hispanic ceramics and African masks to recent works by renowned artists such as Frida Kahlo and Rufino Tamayo. You have to check out the Yellow Room, the most fantastic collection!

The Robert Brady Museum is not just a museum; it is a window into the artist's life. Each room is meticulously preserved to appear precisely as Brady left it.

The 16th-century architecture of Casa de la Torre, where the museum is housed, adds to its charm. So, if you want to experience a unique and colourful reflection of Brady's travels and his passion for collecting, the Robert Brady Museum is worth a visit!

Visit the Palace of Cortes

The Palace of Cortes is a place of immense historical significance, offering visitors a glimpse into Mexico's rich past. Constructed in the early 16th century, this fort-like palace served as the residence of Hernan Cortes, the famous Spanish conquistador. Its unique architecture is a testament to the fusion of Spanish and Mesoamerican cultures.

Today, the Palace of Cortes houses the Museo Cuauhnahuac, which is home to several artefacts that display the cultural and natural diversity of the Morelos State, including historical displays about the Olmec civilization. Visitors can admire an array of murals by Diego Rivera, depicting Mexico's history from pre-Hispanic times to the Spanish conquest, offering a visual narrative that enriches understanding.

Take a trip to the Palace of Cortes and immerse yourself in Mexico's vibrant history.

Take A Stroll in Jardines de Mexico

Jardines de Mexico is a mesmerizing attraction in Cuernavaca that never fails to captivate the senses. This awe-inspiring flower garden is one of the largest in the world, spanning an impressive 51 hectares. With its vibrant colours, natural beauty, and meticulous design, Jardines de Mexico is a masterpiece of nature and art.

As you explore the eight thematic sections, you are transported to different worlds, each brimming with mesmerizing flora. Whether you find yourself in the enchanting Italian and Japanese gardens or the captivating tropical and cactus gardens, you will be inspired by nature's beauty and wonder on display.

Visiting Jardines de Mexico is truly an immersive experience that nourishes the soul. As you meander through the lush greenery and stunning floral displays, you can't help but feel a sense of peace and tranquillity. It's a refreshing escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and a reminder of the beauty surrounding us. Take advantage of this must-visit destination when in Cuernavaca.

Take A Tour at the UNESCO Heritage Site

The Archeological Zone of Xochicalco is a testament to Mexico's rich cultural and historical heritage. With its magnificent Mexican pyramid, the Pyramid of the Feathered Serpent, and other fascinating highlights like plazas, altars, and a ball court, it offers a unique glimpse into its former inhabitants' ceremonial and social life. Xochicalco's emergence as a fortified city-state after the fall of Teotihuacan is a rare example of cultural resilience, and its name, "In the House of Flowers", speaks to the beauty and wonder of indigenous language and culture. A visit to Xochicalco is an inspiring reminder of the depth and richness of human history.