A Day At Tolantongo

January 25th 2024 in Explore
A Day At Tolantongo

Start an epic 14- to 16-hour adventure exploring the aquatic wonders of Tolantongo. This full-day tour is meticulously planned to accommodate modern adventurers, offering a mix of relaxation and exploration. Enjoy the serene environment of Tolantongo where time seems to slow down, and savor each moment at your own pace. The tour is guided by professional English-speaking guides, ensuring you get the most out of your experience. Comfortable transportation is provided, making the journey as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

The day begins with a stress-free escape from the city and a delicious breakfast in Actopan. Following this, we’ll make a brief stop in San Cristobal to pick up any last-minute supplies before arriving at Tolantongo. The adventure is divided into three phases: first, a relaxing dip in the "pocitos" thermal pools, followed by a refreshing swim in the turquoise river. After a hearty lunch by the river (at your own expense), you’ll explore the stunning Grutas Tolantongo caves with their waterfalls and warm pools. On the way back, we’ll make a short stop at Pastes Ricos to sample some traditional English treats before returning to CDMX.

The Angel of Independence

Our adventure starts at the iconic "Angel de Independencia" monument, where we’ll gather at 6:15 AM. Departing early helps us avoid the city's hustle and bustle. Transportation is arranged in a private, comfortable vehicle, and we’ll enjoy an early breakfast in the charming city of Actopan. The drive to the restaurant takes about 90 minutes, allowing us to appreciate the scenic views along the way.


At our restaurant in Actopan, we cater to guests with dietary restrictions, offering a variety of vegetarian options and delicious choices for those with limited vegan preferences. To start your day off right, we provide a complimentary breakfast for all our guests.

San Cristobal

As we travel, we’ll pass through the picturesque town of San Cristobal, known for its stunning Las Grutas de Tolantongo. The drive from our breakfast stop to this enchanting destination takes approximately 90 minutes, and we’ll briefly stop to pick up any necessary supplies for the day’s adventure.


Experience a day of relaxation and adventure at Tolantongo, divided into three distinct parts. Begin with a soak in the warm "pocitos" thermal pools, surrounded by breathtaking scenery. For thrill-seekers, an optional zip-lining adventure adds an extra thrill to the day. Our guide will ensure you have everything needed for a memorable experience. You’ll have about one hour and forty minutes at the pools to rejuvenate before moving on.

Next, enjoy the River Relaxation package, featuring a turquoise river with naturally warm thermal springs. Weather permitting, lunch will be served by the river, allowing you to dine amidst the serene landscape. Tables and chairs are provided for your comfort, and we’ll collect lunch fees during the day.

Grutas Tolantongo Cave Exploration

Prepare for a spectacular exploration of the Grutas Tolantongo caves. Guided tours reveal the natural beauty of the caves and waterfalls, with opportunities to swim in warm pools surrounded by stunning waterfalls. The vibrant colors and textures of the caves, combined with the grandeur of the waterfalls, make this a truly awe-inspiring experience. The day concludes with a return journey, arriving between 9 and 10:30 PM, leaving you with unforgettable memories and photos.

Pastes Ricos

On our return to CDMX, we’ll stop in a quaint town in Hidalgo to sample delicious pastes, a unique blend of English and Mexican culinary traditions. These flaky, buttery pastries filled with sweet or savory ingredients offer a delightful taste of local history. The stop lasts around 15 minutes, allowing you to savor these exceptional treats before continuing our journey.

Finally, as we leave Pastes Ricos and head back to CDMX, enjoy a scenic two-hour drive, weather and traffic permitting. This concludes our memorable journey, with the comfort of being dropped off at your home.